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Which RV rental?

No two adventures are the same, and every traveller has different requirements. The destination you’re visiting, as well as the number of people you’re travelling with will inform the type of RV that’s best suited to your adventure. We’ve got all types of RVs on GoSeeAustralia, so you don’t have to search far to find ‘the one’. Once you find it, you can complete the request to book form or contact the rental company directly.

Motorhome hire

Not having to tow your mini home behind you is one of the biggest benefits of a motorhome. As well as having more head room and a bathroom, the main difference between a motorhome and a campervan is that the cab is often sealed off from the living area. The motorhomes on GoSeeAustralia sleep anywhere from two to six and let you live like you would at home with a kitchen, bathroom and lounge area. They won’t take you on 4WD tracks but motorhomes are ideal for travellers who plan to stay on sealed roads and who want to be fully self sufficient, with a bit of extra space and comfort thrown in the mix.

Campervan hire

Smaller than a motorhome, campervans typically have kitchenettes but no bathrooms. However on GoSeeAustralia, the Wanderer is an exception to this rule. Campervans are easy to drive and park and are great for two or three travellers who don’t need more than a bed, cooking area and the freedom to explore. For off track adventures, you’ll want to consider a 4WD camper such as the Toyota Apollo Overlander.

Caravan hire

When space and amenities are your top priorities, a caravan is the way to go. You’ll need a suitable tow vehicle and a bit of extra confidence hauling a big load, but the payoff doesn’t just come in the form of total self sufficiency and the comfort of a mini home. Once you’ve unhooked and set up camp, you can drive off and explore. Renting a caravan is a great way to try before you buy, as well as being more cost-effective than buying a caravan outright if you’re an infrequent traveller.

Camper trailer hire

If you’re after more of a camping experience, a camper trailer is a great compromise. Light and easy to tow, camper trailers are typically designed to pop up and expand, creating distinct sleeping and living areas. Most camper trailers will also have a slide out kitchen, but very few will have a bathroom. The real benefit of hiring a camper trailer is the ability to take it off-road to remote campsites.

Car hire

If you’re flying in and all you need is a reliable set of wheels to get from A to B, have a look at the cars for hire on GoSeeAustralia. Hiring a car is a good opportunity to get a vehicle with space, power and 4WD capabilities that you mightn’t get from your city car.


Why stay by the water when you can stay on the water? With no traffic congestion, no other people around, and no need for a boat licence, hiring a houseboat makes for a one-of-a-kind escape with family or a group of friends.